Abuse of Children and the Developmentally Disabled

Abuse of Children and the Developmentally Disabled

Children and the developmentally disabled are particularly vulnerable in our society to neglect, abuse and exploitation.  For whatever reason, there are some people who feel that the most precious and vulnerable among us are not deserving of respect and dignity.  Even more confounding is the fact that these individuals are occasionally hired to work in days cares, schools and home settings where they have been entrusted to care, nuture and protect the most vulnerable and innocent members of our society.

Child abuse and abuse of the developmentally disabled are abominable injuries that affect not only the abused individual but also the entire family.  At the Moye Law Firm, we handle these cases with compassion, respect and a steadfast determination to see that our clients and their families get the justice they deserve.

We understand your feelings and know the challenges you face.

Often, cases of child abuse and abuse of the developmentally disabled set off negative emotions focused around the lingering unease parents feel for having placed their children in institutional settings, even if just for a day or a few hours.  In order to soothe that unease, all parents seek to place their children in facilities and with caregivers where they believe their child will be well cared for.  After having placed so much trust in the facility, its staff, and the caregivers it can devastating when that trust is violated and things go radically wrong.

If you suspect abuse, you may wish to report it to Florida’s Statewide Abuse Hotline at 1-800-926-2873 (1-800-96-ABUSE) or report online at www.dcf.state.fl.us/abuse/report.

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