Insurance Disputes

Insurance Dispute Attorneys Tallahassee

Following a major accident, you probably have a wide variety of concerns that need to be addressed. There is finding the right medical treatment for you or your loved one, struggling to pay an onslaught of bills, and the often slow recovery process. The last thing you need at a time like this is another struggle, like a battle with your insurance company. Sadly, that is exactly what many accident victims experience.

A Frustrating Battle

If you have paid your insurance premiums, you deserve to receive the benefits of insurance coverage when that coverage is needed.  Unfortunately, insurance companies, after accepting insurance premiums for years, will sometimes withhold payments. Our Tallahassee insurance attorneys understand how frustrating it is when the insurance company fails to pay just when you need it most.

Insurance litigation is common because:

  • Insurance coverage can overlap.  In a car accident, for instance, the insurers of both vehicles’ drivers can claim that the other company is liable for the collision  and its resultant injuries.  At times even some health care policies will refuse to pay asserting that the automobile policies are responsible for all of the medical bills related to the accident.
  • Insurance coverage can be a matter of interpretation. Many times individuals believe they have a policy which covers a particular situation, but the insurance company will claim that the particular event at issue is not covered under the terms of the policy.
  • Insurance law can be complex. Often insurers will attempt to use loopholes to deny payment, including claims that costs are “excessive” or should be covered by other insurers.

We are prepared to help you tackle problems such as:

  • Unfair denial of insurance claims
  • Cancellation of your policy in violation of your contract
  • Failure to pay the full settlement you deserve
  • Unreasonable delay in processing claims
  • Any other violation of your contract

Contact Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Insurance disputes are often complex and can take a long time to resolve, especially if you try to tackle the issue on your own. To make the process much quicker and easier for yourself, contact David Moye a Tallahassee insurance dispute attorney of the Moye Law Firm at 850 224-6693 (224-MOYE).