What is Personal Injury Litigation?

From the Tallahassee Personal Injury Attorneys at The Moye Law Firm: What is Personal Injury Litigation?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, do not hesitate to contact a Tallahassee personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  An attorney skilled in injury litigation in Tallahassee knows how to evaluate your case, explain your options in language that you understand and assist you in navigating through the maze of medical care and insurance adjusters.

As part of your personal injury litigation, your Tallahassee lawyer can seek to recover the damages, costs and expenses of your personal injury.  You only have a limited period of time to file your lawsuit against the person who injured you, so it is important to speak to an attorney as soon after your injury as possible.

What is my case worth?

There is no hard and fast way to determine what a particular case is worth as every case is uniquely different.  In order to award damages, a jury must determine three things:

Injury: How serious is the injury which was sustained in the accident?  How much medical care has been required?  Have you been permanently impaired from the accident?  Has the accident affected your ability to work and earn money?

Liability: Who is responsible for the injury?  Did another party cause the accident?  Did you do anything to contribute to the accident?

Damages: Is there an amount which will compensate you for the injury you have sustained?

How much will it cost me to retain and attorney to handle my case for damages?

The personal injury attorneys of the Moye Law Firm work on a contingency basis, which mean that if they do not recovery any money for you, they do not get paid.  The actual cost to the Moye Law Firm to investigate  your claim can be significant as we use trained investigators, nurses, doctors, lawyers and paralegals to review medical records and conduct the investigation and discovery.  We hire experts from around the country to testify on your behalf.  The experts get their fees whether the case is won or lost.  We only recover our fees and costs if a recovery is made on your behalf.

Contact Tallahassee Personal Injury Attorneys

During your initial free consultation, our personal injury attorneys may be able to provide you with a likely settlement range based upon our experience with similar cases.  To speak directly with one of the Tallahassee personal injury attorneys at The Moye Law Firm contact our offices at 1-850 224-6693 (850 224-MOYE) to speak with an attorney.  Remember at the Moye Law Firm, you always get an attorney never a case manager.