Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Head injuries can occur virtually anywhere and can potentially cause serious injury or even death. Victims of traumatic brain injury are often burdened with expensive medical bills or devastating lifestyle changes. If you or someone you love has suffered from a traumatic brain injury that you think was caused by another party’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, or wrongful death.

What are the types of brain injuries?

There are several different types of brain injuries. If the trauma results in damage to the skull itself, such as a crack or break, the trauma is considered a penetrating head injury. More difficult to diagnose are closed head injuries, where the skull is not obviously damaged but the brain is still injured. This can occur from a blow or impact or from severe back-and-forth shaking, such as whiplash. Babies and small children can suffer such injuries from being shaken, known as shaken baby syndrome.

What are the signs of a brain injury?

A medical professional should evaluate anyone who has sustained a blow to the head or whiplash-like injuries to determine if the victim has experienced a  traumatic brain injury. Even if symptoms are so slight that the victim does not realize that a serious injury has occurred, treatment should be sought before further injury can develop. Often the symptoms may be delayed for many hours until swelling in the brain reaches a point that if affects the victim. Some signs and symptoms to look for include:

  • Physical Symptoms
    Dizziness, loss of balance, headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, drowsiness, and confusion
  • Mental Cognitive Symptoms
    Intermittent disorientation, amnesia, short-term memory loss, poor judgment, and poor concentration
  • Emotional Symptoms
    Depression, agitation, irritability, apathy, confrontational attitude, explosive temper, fearfulness, impatience, personality changes in general, sleep (early morning awakening), and appetite disturbances

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