No-Zone Truck Accidents

No-Zone Truck Accidents

Commercial truckers have a responsibility to drive safely and attentively whenever they are on the road. Clearly even a minor truck accident can be devastating for the other motorists involved. When a truck driver does not notice another vehicle’s presence or cannot see the vehicle, the other motorist may be at risk of being involved in a severe accident.

What is a No-Zone?

No-zones are the areas around a truck that are not visible to the truck driver. If a vehicle is driving in a truck’s no-zone, the truck driver may be completely unaware of the other vehicle. Long semi-trailer trucks have very large no-zones that motorists should avoid. The three types of no-zones include:

Front no-zone: Because truck cabs are elevated off of the ground, truck drivers have trouble seeing objects that are directly in front of them. Drivers should leave at least a few car lengths between themselves and the front of a large truck.

Rear no-zone: A large blind spot exists behind the trailers of large trucks, because truck drivers cannot use a rear-view mirror to see what is immediately behind them. Motorists should keep several car lengths between themselves and the semi-trailer in front of them. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t see the truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you.

Side no-zones: These are located on both the left and right of a truck and extend roughly from the driver’s seat to the end of the trailer. If you cannot see the driver’s face in the truck’s side mirrors, he or she cannot see you. Only drive along the site of a truck if you intend to pass and clear the no-zone.

No-Zone Accident Liability: Because semi-trailer trucks have such large no-zones, truck drivers must exercise caution whenever they decide to switch lanes or change their speed or direction. They must remain vigilant and look or listen for other vehicles nearby. If you are hurt in a no-zone truck accident, the truck driver may be liable for the collision and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

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