Property Injuries

Property Injuries

If your home or property has been injured due to the fault of another person or organization, it is very important that you know your rights and your options. The property damage attorneys of the Moye Law Firm have specialized in property damage claims and have in-depth knowledge of advocating for families who have sustained significant damage and injuries to their home and property.

When a House is Not a Home

Unfortunately, there are many situations where the security and sanctity of a home is invaded and destroyed by the negligent or wrongful acts of another.  When that occurs, a home becomes a prison where the family often struggles to maintain the monthly costs of the home without the security of having a comfortable and safe place to live.

Some instances where the security of a home has been damaged include:

  • Flooding from a commercial neighbor’s failed stormwater management facility
  • Flooding of sewage from the city’s malfunctioning sewer main
  • Invasion of noxious orders and hazardous chemicals for an unmonitored landfill
  • Breach of the integrity of the home due to construction defects
  • Failure to disclose hidden defects of a home upon purchase
  • Improper preparation of a home site which comprises a home’s foundation
  • Significant defects in construction
  • Noise and vibrations which interfere with the use and enjoyment of the home

In some instances, the conditions of the home may be so intolerable that families can no longer reside there.  In other instances, families are forced to remain in a shell of home living in makeshift conditions.

Contact an Experienced Property Damage Attorney

In the event that the actions of another causes your house to no longer be a home, contact Tracy Moye of the Moye Law Firm who has extensive experience representing neighborhoods, streets, and individual homeowners who are fighting for their rights of against major corporations including large developers, landfill operators, apartment complexes, counties and municipalities.

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