Toxic Exposures and Environmental Injuries

Toxic Exposures and Environmental Injuries

Unfortunately, many people in today’s world have been injured by corporations or negligent landlords who have altered and polluted the land, placed a product on the market which causes health injuries, or rented a sick building to unsuspecting persons.  Claims for environmental injuries can cover a wide variety of situations from the air in your home, the water you drink and the yard where you grow your vegetables and your children play.

People who are suffering environmental injuries often assume incorrectly that there is nothing they can do to change their circumstances and that the regulatory authority of the government will give them the protection and relief they require.  If you or your property has been injured due to exposure from a contaminant or pollutant, you may have a cause for a civil suit seeking reimbursement for the injuries you have sustained.

Our experienced environmental attorneys team with other environmental attorneys around the country to provide the best representation possible for mass injuries to health and home.

Types of Toxic Exposures and Environmental Injuries

The nature and types of environmental injuries vary greatly from causes of simple nuisance and temporary loss of use of property to cases of permanent impairment and injury.

Some of the most common environmental injuries include exposures to:

  • Lead Paint
  • Mercury
  • Toxic Mold in Sick Buildings
  • Sewage and Waste Water Contamination
  • Soil Contamination
  • Water Contamination
  • Air Contamination
  • Landfill Contamination

Every industry has the duty of being a responsible, good neighbor.  Unfortunately, many in corporate America today think only of their profit and engaged in practices which injure others.

Contact Environmental Exposure Attorneys

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