What is Toxic Exposure?

What is Toxic Exposure?

The attorneys of the Moye Law Firm have represented workers and other individuals who

have been wrongfully injured through toxic exposure including respiratory effects, systemic illness, neurological and brain injuries.

David Moye has recovered significant compensation in toxic mold and chemical exposure claims for many injured workers and citizens of Tallahassee and coastal Florida. He has handled cases of toxic mold in apartment complexes and state office buildings.  Tracy Moye working has represented hundreds of individuals injured from hazardous gases emanating from toxic landfills.

Recovering Damages for the Serious Effects of Toxic Chemical Exposure

Chemicals are a part of modern life and do provide benefits to society. However, we are increasingly being exposed to toxic chemicals. A chemical’s toxicity refers to its ability to damage an organ system such as the kidneys, liver, or brain or disrupt a chemical process such as blood formation. Depending upon the amount and duration of a toxic chemical exposure, injuries resulting from an exposure to harmful chemicals can occur in one of two ways:

  • Acute Injury is an injury appearing suddenly usually after exposure to a large amount of a toxic chemical
  • Chronic Injury is an injury developing after repeated exposure to relatively low levels of a toxic substance over an extended duration of time.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

There are a number of ways in which a person can be exposed to a toxic chemical or harmful toxin. Asbestos fibers, toxic paint fumes, lead dust, and other chemicals can be inhaled through the lungs. Lead paint, pesticides, and other chemicals can be ingested by mouth, especially by young children. Some chemicals, such as solvents, paints, and benzene can be absorbed through the skin. Toxic chemicals can cause a wide range of serious health effects including cancer, asthma, lung disease, neurological damage, brain damage, skin disease, developmental disabilities in children, and even death.

The Moye Law Firm is adept at demonstrating the causal link between toxic or chemical exposures and the resulting health effects or wrongful death. We have experience and access to experts nationwide who can help prove liability and win the maximum compensation in your case.

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